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  • EGR Slimline In-Channel Window Visors
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  • EGR Matte Black In-Channel Window Deflectors
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  • EGR Superguard Bug Shields
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Diverse Range of Vehicle Deflectors

Window Vent Visors: Known for their versatility, window deflectors provide rain protection, improve air circulation, prevent interior fogging, and enhance ventilation in your vehicle.
Moonroof Wind Deflectors: You might know them as sunroof deflectors, enhance your driving experience on sunny days with moonroof deflectors, designed to reduce wind noise and turbulence, ensuring a serene journey.
Hood Protectors: Keep your vehicle's hood spotless and safe from bugs and road debris. These bug shields do more than just protect against insects; they also shield your vehicle from rocks and debris that can cause paint chips or damage your windshield, saving you from potential repair costs.

The Value of Adding Deflectors to Your Vehicle

Vehicle deflectors are not just a practical investment; they're a stylistic upgrade. They reduce wind noise, enhance air quality inside your vehicle, and shield against weather elements, potentially saving on maintenance costs. Aesthetically, they offer a custom look with various finishes like classic matte black or sleek chrome, allowing for a personalized touch. Deflectors are a functional and stylish addition, perfect for customizing your vehicle's appearance.

Premier Brands in Vehicle Deflectors

Featuring the market's best:

EGR USA: Famous for their durable build and elegant design, EGR USA offers a broad selection of deflectors for various vehicles. These products are designed for longevity and to complement your vehicle's style, with options ranging from sleek window visors to sturdy bug shields, ensuring there's something for every preference and driving style.
Rugged Ridge: The go-to brand for Jeep lovers and off-road enthusiasts. Known for their sturdy construction, Rugged Ridge deflectors are ideal for tackling tough terrains and providing reliable protection.
AVS: A versatile choice with styles for all vehicle models.
Stampede, Putco, Black Horse: These brands stand out with their distinctive features like elegant chrome finishes and specialized designs.

Adding deflectors to your vehicle is a smart, cost-effective way to improve functionality while enhancing its visual appeal.